full dye softball jerseys


Everybody in softball is talking about Zurdox , “there is a new player in softball uniforms “but guess what guys, they have been manufacturing baseball and softball uniforms and full dye softball jerseys for more than 40 years! They have awesome everything, designs, fabric, turnaround time, customer service, quality and price, yes price probably the best deal out there.
One of the last old school companies out there ,they have all in house with more than 200 employees designers, cut and sewn, embroidery, digital full dye sub,everything and the best part no middle man they are selling directly to customers.
Competitors in the softball world are starting to tremble with this tough cookie and afraid they will longer be able to compete with Zurdox , that is because most of the competition don’t have anything just a sales department and private label everything in china, India, Pakistan etc. not having control over prices or production, most of them have not even visit the factory where they manufacture their uniforms. It’s going to get rough for some people for sure and a lot of softball teams are going to benefit from this.
Thumbs up for Zurdox!
By Greg Scott

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